Assessment assistant

This job is no longer available

Job title: Assessment assistant
Office location: London
Total reward package: Competitive 

Hay Group employees all have something in common – they don’t believe in average, or ‘good enough’. They shake things up, question everything, and push themselves and others. We’re looking for the best people to join our team.

The job for you?

Hay Group has around 75 delivery consultants in London. The nature of their roles means that they are often away from the office, juggling large numbers of external clients and maintaining good internal relationships with other consultants and relevant teams. The business support team is charged with ensuring those consultants are given appropriate, competent, high quality administrative support to ensure that they can continue to make a significant impact on the business.

The main objective of the assessment team is to support and build our assessment practice, both globally and within the UK.   They build credibility both internally and externally through their expertise, capability and knowledge.  They adopt a shared approach to assist the client and project director to support Hay Group’s growth strategy.

This role is part of the wider business support team and, therefore, flexibility is required to help and work with other teams as required.

Occasional travel within the UK may be required on specific assessment projects.

Job purpose

To support project director and project manager around the co-ordination and delivery of assessments with the aim of meeting the service level agreement; to build internal and external relationships that enable our clients to achieve their goals, assuring quality, managing risk and providing value to both Hay Group and their clients

Main accountabilities

  • Establish and maintain client relationships with client contacts
  • Field general enquiries from client contacts, informing new contacts of the Hay Group assessment process, escalating issues to the project manager where necessary
  • Schedule and manage the delivery of assessments within the appropriate timescales according to the designated service level agreement for the client
  • Create and adhere to project plans
  • Liaise with the Productised Services team in respect of arranging on-line surveys
  • Proof read final reports and co-ordinate their delivery to the client within the designated service level agreement
  • Update and maintain assessment records:
    • Add new assessments
    • Update existing assessments and add scores
  • Complete monthly and adhoc analysis and composite reports at project end or as required
  • Working with the resourcing manager/consultants arrange mobilisations for new assessors, UK and globally
  • Update process documents and user guides
  • Support assessment assistants and CRDs in non UK regions as required
  • Download assessment recordings, filing and saving relevant information for the client and specific assessments; archiving assessment materials in a timely
  • Maintain the contact management database (CMD)
  • Financials:
    • Produce monthly invoices and add new clients to the client maintenance on Hay Elite
    • Ensuring consultants enter expenses in a timely manner to support the invoicing process
    • Maintain account receivable records and the debtor tracker
    • Enter time and activities in HayTime in accordance with Consulting standards
    • Follow up on payment of invoices to meet Hay Group’s payment terms
    • Chase purchase order numbers at point of sale or request
    • Understand Hay Group’s internal financial systems and processes and keep them up-to-date
    • Responsible for the sign-off of associate, inter-company, expense invoices
    • Responsible for entering monthly revenue and update forecasts in line with Consulting standards

Responsible for liaising with finance to raise inter-company invoices as required


Consultants directly responsible for: 0
Financial Responsibility: ensure HayTime, revenue recording, forecasting is completed in line with Consulting standards
Keep days receivable outstanding under 45 days

Impact and influence

The Assessment Assistant is expected to proactively support the assessment process working with the wider assistant and project team to understand priorities and effectively manage and coordinate the assessment process. 
The Assessment Assistant takes an active interest; they contribute by attending meetings, sharing knowledge and being a key point of contact.  They understand the importance of building relationships with clients, both internal and external.

Knowledge, skills and experience

  • Administrative experience with a track record of sustained success in a client focused services environment
  • Proficient in Microsoft applications (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel) to be able to manipulate data and produce reports
  • General understanding of Customer Relationship Management principles
  • Project Management experience (desirable)
  • Educated to GCSE level or equivalent and in possession of good grades in English and Maths
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Strong influencing skills and stakeholder management
  • A relevant qualification may be advantageous

Good working knowledge of Hay Group, if internal candidate

Key relationships / customers

  • Client personnel
  • Productised Services
  • Consultants
  • Resourcing manager
  • Other colleagues
  • Internal support departments (e.g. Finance, IT, etc.)

Personal Attributes:

  • Customer service: the ability to identify and meet the needs of internal and external customers in accordance with the company’s desired culture of collaboration, interdependence and communication.  This includes considering the effect of decision on customers
  • Self control (resilience): the ability to maintain performance under hostile or stressful conditions
  • Information seeking: the ability to demonstrate a desire to know more and seek information to inform decisions
  • Analytical thinking:  the ability to think through issues by separating out the parts of the problem or situation and think through issues systematically in order to apply judgement on the basis of evidence and reasoning
  • Drive for results: the ability to focus on continually measuring and improving performance.  Shows drive and determination to meet short – and long – term goals
  • Initiative: the ability to proactively take action to avoid a problem or explicit opportunity and persist in addressing problems or exploiting opportunities
  • Attention to detail: the ability to manage, track and attend to multiple pieces of information, bringing order and clarity out of what otherwise might be chaotic
  • Understanding others: the ability to take an active interest in other individuals, seek to understand their individual perspectives and concerns and accurately hear and perceive the unspoken or partly expressed thoughts, feelings and concerns of others
  • Impact and influence: the ability to use a variety of methods to get buy-in or attain required results based on understanding the people to be influenced.  Adapting influence approaches or methods based on understanding what is most important or effective for individuals or groups
  • Teamwork: the ability to work cooperatively as part of a team and work collaboratively with peers across organisational boundaries (from other functions or business units)
  • Leveraging networks: the ability to recognise and use networks of relationships to get things done.  Builds, maintains and use respectful, professional, reciprocal and positive relationships with networks of people outside one’s immediate function/business unit
  • Adaptability: the ability to respond to differences and changes in the external situation, the customer or the business environment; taking a flexible approach to reach business outcomes
  • Self-confidence: the ability to function independently and with confidence in challenging situations

Job information

Firm: Hay Group

Location: London


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