Risk Management Consultant

Salary: £42,000 - 70,000
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Financial Services Operating Group:  Risk Management
Accenture’s Risk Management team provides management consultancy and delivery capabilities to the top global financial institutions.  Our proposition is to deliver both “thought leadership” and delivery excellence through combining industry specific specialist skills and expertise in delivering change across complex businesses. Successful candidates will work across a range of consulting engagements in their career with Accenture. 

Accenture has observed an increasing demand for teams to analyse the components of the operating model (people, process, systems) supporting risk management. We are helping to deliver transformation across business and technology boundaries and are looking for candidates who are able to lead and drive a risk change agenda. 

Accenture is continuing to build a strong team to help our clients reinvent their businesses to be more profitable and sustainable in the new regulatory environment. Accenture is looking for people with a combination of programme / project management skills with relevant business domain knowledge to operate as ‘consultants’. 

Role Summary
Accenture is looking to fill consultant level positions within the Risk Management team with opportunities for rapid career progression.  

Candidates for the Risk Management Consultant position must have a good understanding of the challenges within Capital Markets Banks specifically related to Risk Management Methodologies and Frameworks and be able to apply these skills within a consulting environment.  As a consultant, candidates will be required to work within Accenture and client team environments and lead small teams at client engagements whilst being able to own and shape client deliverables with minimal support.  

As part of Accenture’s Risk Management practice, candidates are expected to be able to demonstrate proven experience in working in a delivery and change environment and have an appreciation of the challenges within Risk change projects. 

Successful candidates will work across a wide range of consulting engagements within Capital Markets and other areas of the Financial Services industry.  Candidates will primarily be working within delivery roles, helping to execute projects at Accenture’s Risk Management clients and will be required to bring experience of delivering successfully within complex projects. 


For this specific role Accenture is looking for candidates that:

  • Have a good knowledge of how Investment Banks operate and generate business including the current challenges within Risk Management.

  • Are credible in working on client change projects with the requisite business analysis skills that can immediately be used on client facing work.

  • Have specialist knowledge within Risk Reporting and Risk aggregation methodologies (e.g. Whole Bank Reporting, Explain Tools, Regulatory Reporting).

  • Have specialist knowledge regarding Risk Management methodologies within Capital Markets (e.g. stress testing, data model design, credit/market risk processes).  This should include knowledge of the tools and type of calculation methodologies used within Capital Markets in order to manage and mitigate risk.

Required Core and Specialist Skills
Candidates looking to apply for the role of Risk Management Consultant will need to demonstrate a set of Core and Specialist skills.  The characteristics and skills of suitable candidates are illustrated below:

Specialist Skills

Capital Markets Expertise:

  • Solid experience working within the sector with an understanding of the key drivers for change in Capital Markets in the current economic and political environment.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how Investment Banks and other capital market businesses operate and make money. This must include operating models, processes, products, departments, roles and culture.
  • Be able to discuss multiple Capital Market products and services and the types of risk associated with each of these them.   Candidates must be able to understand how risk is measured, managed as well as the specific regulatory nuances specific to different products/asset classes.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how the different types of organisations in the Capital Markets industry interact and function. This must include not just the banks and other financial institutions but also public bodies such as the FSA and BoE.
  • Understanding of the relationship between Front, Middle and Back Office Risk Management business processes (e.g. Collateral, Pricing, Exposure Calculation Engines, Stress Testing etc) as well as the impact on Treasury and Finance.

Delivery Of Change Within Capital Markets:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the impact of the recent and on-going financial crisis and the impact on organisations within Capital Markets. This must include the impact on regulation and the multiple mechanisms being employed by regulatory bodies.
  • Having an appreciation and understanding of the key challenges driving the change strategy agenda within Capital Markets. This should include the impacts on processes, operating models, data management and business/technology changes.
  • Being familiar with the impact of the cost of capital and tighter discretionary spend available for programs in tackling multiple areas of change.
  • Have a proven track record of delivering change initiatives within Risk as part of a team that has delivered within a complex banking environment. 

Risk Management within Capital Markets and Supporting Strategies:

  • Having with an appreciation of the underlying strategies and systems required in measuring and mitigating credit, market, operational, fraud and conduct risk factors within an Investment Bank.
  • Experience of risk and finance performance management in two of the following activities:  Risk based Financial and Capital Planning, Portfolio Models / Economic Capital, Capital Optimisation, Stress & Scenario analysis, Risk Appetite (Limit Definition & Management).
  • An understanding of how Risk Performance management is practiced within a financial institution and the way it is used for the alignment of risk performance to the business strategy.

Expertise Within Risk Measurement Methodologies:

  • Measurement of capital methodologies, processes, operating models, data feeds and other critical business and technology components. This should cover areas such Economic Capital, total leverage, Capital at Risk and risk type measures (VaR Limits, Risk Concentration by internal ratings, EADs, LGD, etc.).
  • Experience of two or more risk measuring methodologies used in Investment banking. Candidates must be able to demonstrate deep experience in measuring two or more risk types such as Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk, Liquidity Risk or other types of Risk (Sovereign Risk, Transfer Risk, etc.).
  • A good understanding of the data required in order to implement risk measurement methodologies. Candidates should be aware of the common quantitative techniques used for the implementation of risk measurement models e.g. linear parameterisation model, Vasisek Model, Merton model, etc.
  • A good understanding of the regulations - e.g. Basel I/II/III and how they apply to risk and capital measurement. In addition, some experience with internal models used by banks under the IMM (Internal Models Methods) is desirable.
  • Experience in analysing and implementing Risk and Financial Models for the purpose of risk performance measurement. Candidates may have a mathematical background to be able to translate risk model definitions into risk applications used by Risk Control and Risk Management.

Core Skills and Attributes

Delivering Change and Transformation:

  • Experience of having had a delivery role within change and transformation projects with a proven track record of task ownership and accountability for delivery.
  • An understanding of the administration and day to day running of project management including an appreciation of the complete project lifecycle and challenges of scale and people management (e.g. RAIDs, plans, resource management). 

Working with Clients and Team Working:

  • Able to demonstrate working with client teams and having the appropriate experience and knowledge to operate successfully with client SMEs.
  • Candidates must have experience of working within a team environment and be able to demonstrate leadership skills within small teams.

Credibility and Ability to Deliver Under Pressure:

  • Have the appropriate knowledge, assertiveness and client skills in order to engage with client SME’s and team leaders.
  • Proven ability to cope under stress with tight deadlines and challenging constraints whilst being able to appropriately understand large amounts of information within an unstructured environment.

Critical Thinking, Dynamic Communication and Structured Reasoning:

  • Proven ability to distil key facts from multiple sources where there is either too much or too little information. 
  • Ability synthesise appropriate ideas and actions to move forwards and demonstrate the skills of communicating this in a succinct, clear and structured manner.
  • Able to demonstrate the key skills required in identifying challenges within a business and working with clients in articulating them through clear written or verbal communication.
  • Ability to facilitate discussions, analysis processes, de-construction problems, prioritise issues and categorise challenges within a client project environment.


As Accenture’s Risk Management practice is rapidly growing, we are looking for candidates across a number of key Risk Management specialist skill areas.  Candidates must be able to demonstrate a deep understanding in at least one of these areas and an appreciation across several of them. 


Job information

Firm: Accenture

Location: London


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