Enfuse Group

We are business and digital experts. We deliver high performance transformations and solutions for companies who want remarkable results.

Through a deep understanding of people and technology, we deliver high performance transformations and solutions for companies who want to be remarkable.

Digital & IT Transformation

We help our clients to build and run cutting-edge digital and IT functions. We understand the latest technology op models and how best to apply these.

Modern technology functions are as much about revenue and profit generation, as they are about cost control and back end operations. This requires high performance operating models that can carefully balance these radically different needs. Technology functions need to agile, innovative and fast moving, whilst also being secure, robust and cost conscious. The days of the one speed, waterfall based IT function are over.

Business Transformation

We help our clients to reimagine their businesses. The world is changing at an exponential rate, and this means that business leaders need to constantly challenge their business and operating models.


We provide expert individuals and teams who can supercharge the delivery of your projects and digital products.

High Performance Coaching

We offer bespoke and programme based coaching. Our focus is on helping those we coach to achieve step performance gains, be it in their personal or work life endeavours.

We match our coaches to the specific needs of the individuals or teams we are coaching. Through an initial discovery session we confirm that our coaching approach will work for both sides, and then will typically engage on a 3-6 month coaching arrangement.


We enable our clients to make innovation happen not by just focusing on the ideas, but on how to deliver them. Our approaches can cut through the corporate red tape, and turn ideas into deliverables.

Whether it’s ideas for increasing revenues, transforming your operating model or how to have a more sustainable footprint, AW can be rolled out in as little as two weeks to start delivering results fast.