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Company: Deloitte

Location: London


Benefits: Competitive

This job is no longer available

As we continue our growth, the organization’s business development model has become increasingly important. Predictable, sustainable and profitable revenue growth requires constant, proactive demand generation and well-coordinated teamwork between a wide range of specialists. With this in mind, the Deloitte MCS leadership team is looking to expand its business development model.

Deloitte MCS Ltd is looking for a top-performing client relationship and solution sales executive to pursue clients within its Oracle practice. Candidates should have an entrepreneurial spirit, relevant industry and ERP experience, and demonstrated selling attributes/techniques.

The Oracle Business Development Manager (“BDM”) is responsible for selling consulting solutions to clients/markets. The role involves:

  • Creating awareness, building relationships with key executives, and developing/pursuing leads;
  • Supporting direct marketing campaigns ‑ including following up on telemarketing efforts; and
  • Assisting consultants with qualifying, and winning opportunities

The BDM is responsible for creating strategic and tactical plans to uncover and close a range of revenue projects.

The BDM is tasked with infiltrating and influencing decision-makers at the highest levels within the account. The BDM will leverage these relationships to introduce Deloitte MCSLtd, and create and pursue selling opportunities.

In addition to the above demand generation activities, the BDM is responsible for demand management, i.e., working with the consultants and delivery groups to determine the solution details and approach. This will require teamwork, fostering of relationships, and developing consensus.

BDM Profile
The ideal BDM will have a significant level of business development experience in a large and mid-market accounts selling high end, project-based, professional consulting services, characterised by long sales cycles and million pound transactions.

BDM Qualifications

  • Successful track record of selling services within assigned territories/client(s)
  • Significant business relationships with senior client executives
  • Solid executive presence
  • High integrity ‑ honors commitments
  • Ability to work as a team player
  • Willingness and ability to share knowledge with others
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Oracle experience (or experience with other ERP solutions)
  • Established relationships with Executives and Sales Representatives at Oracle
  • An ability to influence decision-makers at the highest levels in client organizations
  • The ability to craft and execute strategic and tactical plans to close large revenue projects
  • A consistent track record in driving large amounts of revenue in this environment
  • Familiarity with selling intangibles
  • Undergraduate degree 

BDM Sales Skills

The BDM must possess the following skills:

  • Strong interpersonal skills including rapport building, listening, social versatility, courtesy and concern. Operates within Deloitte core values and ethics.
  • Solid sales call skills with proper preparation disciplines. This includes the ability to determine and communicate a clear meeting purpose, question to identify needs, frame solutions in the context of value to the client, gain agreement to potential solution fit and gain closure on next steps.
  • Solid communication skills including the ability to present an accurate and compelling overview and benefits - using relevant examples of other clients’ experiences, convincing the client of the value proposition, and constructing a solid proposal that is perceived by the client as responsive to their needs.
  • Advanced levels of business acumen including the business environment, market forces, the client’s products, markets, customers and competitors.
  • Ability to develop winning sales strategies, taking into consideration key client factors, such as compelling event(s), critical success factors, stated and non-stated requirements, and the decision making landscape.
  • Ability to access appropriate client executives. Make solid executive presentations and construct proposals that address executive level issues in clear, concise, jargon-free language.
  • Ability to drive the sales strategy with an opportunity plan that includes specific sales objectives, appropriate strategies, and detailed tactics.
  • Ability to anticipate the strategies employed by each competitor and the skill to craft successful, proactive strategies for winning the business.
  • Ability to utilise the client organization chart to outline their formal structure and individual roles in the buying process. Must be able to identify the most influential people in each sales opportunity and understand the subjective or informal factors that could affect the client’s buying process.
  • Ability to create a relationship strategy for each key player that affects, or is affected by, the outcome of the buying decision.

About the Consulting Service Line
Our Consulting practice advises on a broad range of issues, from strategy through to implementation. Deep industry expertise in a number of key market segments in both the private and public sectors ensures that the advice we provide to clients is tailored to that particular sector’s needs. From defining the initial strategy to planning its development and implementing its outcome, Deloitte’s Consulting practice delivers end-to-end solutions to help our clients maximise their commercial potential.

Consulting is comprised of 7 core competencies:

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Customer
  • Operations
  • People & Programmes
  • Strategy
  • Actuarial & Pension Services

The breadth and depth of the expertise we bring to each engagement, and the collaborative way we work with clients and with each other help us stand out from our competitors. Our consultants have valuable expertise in market analysis, organisational design, operational performance improvement, performance measurement, risk management, and project and change management.

You’ll play a vital role in conceiving strategies for our clients, planning the implementation of the strategy, and then, bottom line, delivering it. If you can apply yourself with creativity and intellectual rigour, have exceptional hands-on problem solving skills and can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances, you’ll find there are countless opportunities to progress.

About Deloitte
Deloitte offers integrated services that include Audit, Tax, Consulting and Corporate Finance. Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel anywhere in the world.

We deliver outstanding impact on the reputation and success of our clients, in the UK and globally. In pursuing this we contribute to a sustainable and prosperous society.

At Deloitte we foster a collaborative culture where talented individuals can produce their best work. We value innovative thinking, diverse insights and we strive to offer an exceptional level of customer service through our expertise and professionalism.

Job information

Company: Deloitte

Location: London


Benefits: Competitive

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